This Is Our Identity

You know when thinking about what to write on this page, I struggled a little bit as I knew in my mind what we are about but found putting this into words a lot more difficult than expected. Those who are in the line of the apothecary tend to use similar words, so I really had to sit down and ponder, what DO we represent? What is the point of what I am trying to create…? So here goes. We want to unleash the true potent beauty that was embedded in a world long forgotten. A time when maidens graced the halls of great palaces, filling the halls with deep scented rose, musks and orientals complimented with herbs and spices from all around the world. A time where skin care oozed royal luxury and was considered an art that required significant amounts of time and passion to concoct just one blend. To bring to remembrance when careful attention was taken to immerse oneself into the cleansing rituals of the royals. Blends that captivate and transport. Where the importance of a ruler was not just about his tactics in war but how they exuberated excellence from the overwhelming smell of their apparel leaving behind much to be admired. The old ancient way of beauty simply put… BEAUTY AFORETIME.

Time and high-quality ingredients are essential to The Shahdokht, we want you to be and feel proud of wearing what you buy inspiring you to walk with confidence. The love for uncommon oil, herbs, spices, absolutes, and concretes feature heavily in all products, each one with its own character. More can be said about our products, but we prefer you take the leap and see what is in store…


The Shahdokht


Always Artisanal. 

Packaging to help keep your products fresh.

There is no need to put elaborate words here as our values are very clear and no nonsense.

Potent oils. 

No scrimping on ingredients.

Quality Ingredients

Consistent Care in Every Bottle

Sanitised Environment.

No cheating on amount of product in each container

No Chemicals

No synthetics

No Diluting

No Animal Testing

No Additives or Bulking agents

Time & Thought into creation of each product

Always made in Small Batches to ensure Freshness


Every Bottle/Jar is unique in its own right because we allow for nature in its glorious-ness (yes I made up a new word) to do what it does best. One thing about nature is that it is the determining factor of each and every ingredient we use. The Shahdokht  consistently strive to source the best quality ingredients possible and will continue to evolve again and again increasing the standard of our batches. While our ingredients are already ABSOLUTEly spectacular we continue to extensively research exquisite ingredients that surpass our current ingredients and that is a promise!!!! Our list of ingredients will not change but every plant possess it’s out unique integrity and we hope you enjoy the way in which we use them to create our master pieces.

Due to the nature of each fine ingredient being in its raw state don’t be alarmed if your creation appears to separate just give it a little shake it stir with your spatula and everything will return to its delicious consistency.

Another thing we hope you enjoy are the Miron glasses some of our product comes in. They help to preserve the virtue of each creation by preventing light from deteriorating the ingredients.