The Attar Palace

This is The Shahdokhts Attar Palace –  prepare to enter a world of sensationally exquisite blends using some of the best absolutes, resinoids, extraits and CO2 extracts available. The Shahdokht Attar Palace has carefully sourced ingredients that reflect great dynasties, empires and cultures that once existed, taking care to capture the aromas and fragrances that would have exuded from the presence of royals and nobility. Therefore, the ranges below are set out according to hierarchy so the higher you go the deeper and more complex/layered the blends become. Some of our blends are aged for a minimum of 6 months and up to two years in special conditions before considered worthy to be sold, this allows the oils to fully mature together resulting a deeper full bodied aroma (specification will be made as to which ones are aged).  These compositions are not your typical modern-day perfume, they contain zero alcohol, zero synthetics and no naturals replacers – strictly only 100 % plant material (unless specified), so it is very much an acquired taste and may only be palatable to enthusiasts  and true attar connoisseurs. This is just The Shahdokhts preference and we do pride ourselves on maintaining such a standard which is of great importance to us. Please note that only small batches are made of each blend at any one time.