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Always Artisanal , No Scrimping on ingredients , Time and thought into creation of each product


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Midnight Blue Melt Concentrate

Tansy blue the ultimate skin tranquilizer along with our Blue Blend Oils.

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Unlock your senses and delve into The Midnight Mist.

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The Midnight Mist


The story of a travelling Shahdokht…. Old ancient way of beauty simply put… BEAUTY AFORETIME.

The Journey Has Begun…   

Midnight  Blue  Melt Concentrate


Extremely rich & potent face balm

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The Midnight Mist

A concoction of floral waters & colloidal  silver for a  soothing after dark pamper…

Need anymore be said…


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Midnight Scents 

A simply soothing blend of calming essential oils

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Midnight Temple 

A tranquil blend to relax the pulses

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